CRM Powered by S.O.D. is an important support tool for their business

CRM Powered by S.O.D. is a powerful and useful tool to increase the number of its customers to maximize worker productivity, better manage the operator calls and incoming calls.


The software allows you to optimize internal processes, prevents the spread of data, allows to gather all the information collected, providing real-time analysis on the progress of work. Keep in touch with their customers, be notified of a call, make automated calls, are all actions to make better and better and innovative services provided to customers and consolidate the strengths of your company.


Incoming calls that are both green numbers, business numbers, or customer service are taken by SOD CRM management system before being distributed. The information, once processed and handled as prescribed, are passed to operators with distribution ACD, or automatic. The operator receives the call and all related information.


SOD CRM is also useful in back office, management or for the creation of helpdesk: from technical assistance to marketing campaigns with tool free, advertising on the internet, trade shows and meetings. SOD CRM allows you to track every call, improve service and always be close to the customer.


Simple and intuitive

Ease of use: CRM Powered by S.O.D. was created to meet the needs of call centers. It’s easy to use and manage thanks to the intuitive and self explanatory icons.


Automatic calls action: CRM Powered by S.O.D. thanks to the “Auto Call Action” is able to optimize calls to operators providing only those with satisfactory outcomes. The system allows you to set the number of calls to be launched on the basis of available operators and manage contacts by time and date..


Inbound calls:CRM Powered by S.O.D. allows to manage incoming calls, entering data in a shared agenda on both PC and mobile devices with extreme ease, and to set appointments for others and to associate to each operator through a phone number an external buyer.