Predicitive call

With the predictive module we can maximize the number of calls of the call center and increase worker productivity by reducing the waiting time. The automated call system software allows you to set the number of calls and provide operators only with the successful calls.


When there is a succesfull call, it is immediately transferred to an operator without delays thanks to the automatic response, when there in busy signal number or no answer call, the system hangs up and draws the same after a variable time so as to always in contact different times.


The Call Predictive Module of SOD CRM, manage the “to call” calls in private and redistributed mode:

  • Private mode: once you set the date and time of call, the name will be repeated only to the operator who had set;
  • Redistributed mode: once you set the date and time of contact to call, SOD CRM software will automatically contact the customer


Telephone Exchange and client VoIP

SOD CRM includes a telephone exchange for any business that allows to manage the phone calls throughout flexibility:

  • User management
  • Group management
  • Telephones list management
  • Interconnection between exchanges (WAN)
  • IVR managment (WAN)
  • FAX server
  • Client software