CRM to manage your phone calls

CRM Powered by S.O.D. provides your business a tool to support the outbound and inbound calls totally flexibile, economical and high content of technological innovation, and successfully tested by Gruppo Tecnocontrol. CRM Powered by S.O.D. has no fear of comparison and has not start-up costs!



  • No set-up costs only a monthly fee that is unmatched
  • Independent managment of telephone calls
  • Loading lists
  • Record of verbal Order
  • VoIP traffic at a discontinued rate
  • Creating campaigns through a simple web interface
  • Ability to manage simultaneous campaigns Inbound and OutBound
  • Simply import lists and formats most common: CLS, XLSX, CSV.
  • Ability to handle private calls
  • Management of duplicate numbers
  • Reduce infrastructure costs