Our mission

Secure Online Desktop was created in 2011 by a group of Italian engineers, experts in cloud computing services, computer network security and Datacenter scheming

Gruppo Tecnocontrol provides advice to business and families since 2001 in Telecommunications, Energy, Information Technology, Real Estate, Financial Services

Our services

Cloud Services
We are leader in cloud computing services for desktop pc and cloud computing applications
Cloud mobile
With sod cloud computing applications your data are always accessible from any mobile device, iphone, ipad, tablet
Cloud software
Software is managed by special software licenses purchased by Secure Online Desktop allowing the user to handle associated software within the contract period
CRM powered by S.O.D provider your business has no fear of comparison and has not start-up cost

Predictive call

With the predictive module we can maximize the number of calls of the call center and increase worker productivity by reducing the waiting time.

SOD CRM: Telephone Exchange

SOD CRM includes a telephone exchange for any business that allows to manage the phone calls throughout flexibility

SOD CRM: to manage your phone calls

CRM Powered by S.O.D. provides your business a tool to support the outbound and inbound calls totally flexible

SOD CRM: helpdesk and backoffice

SOD CRM allows you to track every call, improve service and always be close to the customer.