Your data are always available in SOD Cloud computing

Secure Online Desktop s.r.l (or in short form SOD srl) is a leader in Information technology and particularly in Cloud Computing services and software cloud computing
Gruppo Tecnocontrol has chosen the cloud of SOD to connect to its affiliates. Share verbal orders, material and “heavy” documents has never been easier.


CRM Powered by S.O.D. The choice of Gruppo Tecnocontrol

Gruppo Tecnocontrol relies on Secure Online Desktop – SOD – all partnership with its agencies and its affiliates. S.O.D is a leader in Cloud Computing services and Collaboration. The basic tools are essential for the transmission of data and communication in real time, and affiliates are provided to agencies free of charge. Thanks to S.O.D. Gruppo Tecnocontrol affiliations increase from month to month in quality and quantity.


Cloud computing benefits

  • Advanced technological system
  • Direct interconnection with affiliates
  • Immediate Start-up
  • Easy to use
  • Completely detached from the sending and receiving e-mails, it allows the sharing of large files in real time